Roll On Two Chimney Cakes

Chimney Cakes - Kürtőskalács


The Chimney Cakes is a traditional baked good from Hungarian-speaking countries. 

The name comes from the shape of the cake where a strip of yeasted dough is wrapped around a wooden dowel. It is then rolled in granulated sugar and baked in a special oven. 

The end result is a chimney shaped cake with a caramelized, sugary, golden-brown exterior that crackles from your first bite, making these cakes simply irresistible!

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Chimney Cake
Perfect with coffee
Chimney rings
5 different flavours
Chimney dog
Sweet Chimney
Creamy Chimney
Craving a Chimney
Ice cream cone
Savoury Chimney
Original Sweet Chimney Cakes - 5 different flavours
Creamy Chimney - Slim Chimney Cakes filled with whipped cream
Chimney Dogs - Slim savoury Chimney Cakes with a chicken & beef Wiener
Savoury Chimney Cake -Topped with Cheese & Bacon served with sour cream
Soft Serve Ice Cream Chimney Cone -Cinnamon Chimney Cone filled with Ice Cream
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